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Jambi Tourism December 22, 2009

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BERASAP Waterfall

air terjun telun berasap

air terjun telun berasap

Citra Satelit

Citra Satelit

The Beauty of this waterfall lays in the big water that rolls plunging from a heigh of about 47 m. Thundering sound and sprinkling of its water will form rainbow of hit by sunshine. This beauty of the waterfall can be enjoyed from a distance of about 200 m because the spring kling water can wet visitors. It is one of famous waterfalls in Kerinci Regency, easily reached by tourists with motor bike or car. It is located in Leter W Village of about 60 Km northwards form Sungai Penuh Town at a coordinates of 01° 41’ 18” South – 101° 20’ 22” East.


Muaro Jambi Temple Site is located at a coordinate of 01° 28’ 37” South – 103° 38’ 03” East, in Muaro Jambi Village, District of Sebo about one hour using land transport from Jambi. Beside Muaro Jambi Temple, there are also Temples of Astano, Tinggi, Gumpung, Kembar Batu, Gedong, Kedaton, and Temple Koto Mahligai. The form of the building and remains of temple indicate that the building represent the remains of Hindu in 4th and 5th century. Besides seeing the temples, visitors can also go into the temple museum, which is displayed the remains of past time.






This lake is surrounded by Kerinci Sebelat National Park as well as series Bukit Barisan Mount Ranges. Lake full of glamour covering an area of 4200 Ha represents ‘natural dam’ in Kerinci Regency at a coordinates of 02° 07’ 35” South – 101° 36’ 50” East. The beauty of the lake can be seen from various villages surrounding the lake. The view in the evening is the activity of fisherman boat drifted by small wave. The Village of Telago Pulau Tengah is one of the resting places while enjoying the typical food such as payo rice, fish form the lake. Kerinci Lake can be reached using land transports from Sungai Penuh Town to the south east direction for about 15 minutes.

Tea Plantation of Kayu Aro



A carpet of tea plantation of Kayu Aro covering an areas of 2600 Ha on the foot of Kerinci Mount presents the very beautiful natural view. Fresh air and the dense of tea tree growing on the hills makes the location to be suitable for recreation and on foot touring in the morning until evening. The tea plantation is located at a coordinates of 01° 46’ 11” South – 101° 15’ 36” East, about 40 Km from Sungai Penuh Town to northwest. The location of the plantation is on the side of the road, can be easily reached using motor bikes or cars. Facilities like guest houses and restourants are rather far from the Tea Plantation of Kayu Aro.


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