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Plantation , Poultry, & Fishery in Bungo Regency December 22, 2009

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1. Plantation

Plantation are very potential in Bungo Regency, commonly people’s plantation with mostly Rubber plant with total land area 89,030 acre. Second largest plantation are Oil Palm with land area of  36,062 Ha.

Mostly owner of the oil palm plantation are private and state-owned corporation.

2.   Poultry

The amount of poultry in Bungo Regency as follows : 16,658 Cows, 10,291 Buffaloes, 10,931 Goats and 5,749 Sheep. While animal husbandry in  Bungo Regency are : 13,660  Ducks, 4.339 Big Duck, 178,795 Free Range Chicken 17.191.725 and 60,667 Broiler. Compare to previous year added by 15.982.048 Sheep.

3.   Fishery

There are 41,86 ton of fishery product in Bungo Regency, decreased 48.1 % compare to previous year.

Bungo in Figure. 2006.


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